Solaris HealthCare Plant City - Services

Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation team at Solaris HealthCare Plant City provides a comprehensive approach for the short-term treatment of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disorders. Our rehab team focuses on improving the well-being of the patient by restoring strength, function, independence, and managing pain using therapeutic exercise, modalities and manual therapy.  We work closely with the patients and their families to achieve the goals needed to improve their quality of life with an individualized evaluation, treatment plan and home exercise program.

Common Diagnosis include:

-     Joint replacements

-     Post fracture care

-     Trauma injuries

-     Amputation

-     Soft tissue injury

-     Arthritis

-     Post surgical weakness

-     Back pain

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Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation

Post-stroke and neurological rehab programs are designed to help the patient attain their highest level of function and independence so they may return to their homes, family, community and employment.  Treatment programs are individualized to meet each patient’s needs and include rehabilitation specialists such as physical, occupational and speech therapists.

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Cardio-Pulmonary Recovery

Cardio-Pulmonary Recovery Programs are designed to assist those with cardiac and lung problems recover quickly and improve their overall physical functioning. It is a customized program of exercise and education to help regain strength, prevent the condition from worsening and reduce the risk of future problems. Exercise training strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, improves endurance and aerobic capacity while education provides information about the disease process, ways to reduce the risk of future problems and modify those risk factors, how to monitor progress and levels of exertion, energy conservation, and how to exercise safely. The goals of the program are to help regain and maintain strength, prevent the condition form worsening, reduce the risk of future problems and improve the quality of life.

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Biodex Balance System™ SD

The Balance System SD will improve balance, increase agility and develop muscle tone for a wide variety of pathologies. It is the only system that provides a fast, accurate Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program for older adults.  Using a computerized platform, the Biodex system tests your ability to remain upright during environmental instability, and compares your performance against others in your age group. The system is easy to use and results are almost instantaneous.

Diathermy Shortwave

Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy uses electromagnetic waves to create a heating effect that increases circulation in the body’s tissues. Diathermy has been used for several decades to help reduce pain & inflammation, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and increase local blood flow.

Electrical Stimulation/Ultrasound/PENS

Electrical Stimulation/Ultrasound/Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS):  These modalities may be used to assist in the treatment of symptoms of neuromuscular disease, urinary incontinence, pain management, stroke, recovery from post-operative joint replacement and other orthopedic diagnoses.