Solaris HealthCare Plant City - Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided for patients admitted to Solaris HealthCare Plant City from the hospital?

A.  Patients are evaluated by an interdisciplinary team consisting of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, activities, social services , plus any physicians, dietary and other health care professionals who are deemed necessary.

Once all of the evaluations are completed, these professionals, along with the patient and family, discuss the patient's needs, prior level of function and disposition once rehabilitation has ended. A care plan for services is written, with goals established to help the patient and family achieve a positive outcome.

Will I get assistance for my discharge?

A. Our Social Services department discharge planner will help you to arrange for your return to home, ALF or discharge to another long term care facility.  The discharge planner will work with therapy

Can my family member stay overnight?

A. Semi-private rooms cannot accommodate overnight visits.  Private rooms are equipped for overnight visits and can be requested from admissions office.

What are the Visiting Hours?

A. We appreciate the value of family and friends during the recovery process, therefore there are no set visiting hours; however it is best to check with staff for after business hours visitation protocol.

If I am admitted will I have to papers to sign?

A.   Be prepared to sign admission forms. These include a financial screening performed with our financial counselor. If you need help, have your representative, power of attorney, or family member available to work with us prior to your admission. If you have special directive documents, bring them with you so we may make copies for our records.

Bring all Medical Insurance cards so we may verify your insurance and make sure you have coverage. Please include any commercial insurance cards/plans you have such as: Medicare Part D, Medicare A & B, Medicaid, Blue Cross, AARP, HMO, PPO’s, etc.

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